About Us

PT.SAS Gramarindo Utama is a company registered in Indonesia, was established in 2009. PT.SAS Gramarindo Utama provide industrial shipping for liquid, gas and dry bulk cargoes and cargo as we I as marine off-shore support services. PT. SAS Gramarindo Utama is one of the Shipping Agency companies in Indonesia. As a multi-service provider, we offer a full range of services that shipping agency. As a successful Logistics Service Provider we provided freight forwarding services for Sea freight.


To always strive the best by offering fast, more accurate, reliable services & to form the available skill efficient and highly dedicated resources by applying quality operations by using latest modern technology with the first class customer’s service.

To establish close working relationships with the customers, business associates, relevant institutions in imple­menting our companies shipping business and to create conductive working environment by giving priority to our customers excellent work quality throughout the company.


To become one of the best and leading shipping agency services,customs formalities, coal trader, transhipment stevedoring, bunker services, mining requirements, and other shipping market.


Loading & Discharging of cargoes described as below


  • Sugar Fertilizer
  • Flour
  • Cement
  • Maize etc.
  • in bagged form & wheat grain in bulk & Wheat Bran
  • HOPE,LOPE (in Pallets).

Break Bulk

  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Plywood
  • Fertilizer etc.

Heavy Lifting’s

  • Vehicles
  • Locomotives Project Cargo etc.

Petroleum Product

  • Fuel Oil
  • Gas Oil
  • Crude oil
  • LNG. etc. (at Mesaieed & RasLaffan Port) Petrochemicals Methanol.
  • EDC
  • SM

Other Allied Services

Offshore Ships Supply & Logistics Services: In additional to discharging & loading operations at the ports of Indonesia we are widely involved in offshore opera­ tions as well. We offer the following Ships supply and Logis­ ucs Services at all these ports.


We are providing excellent shipping agency services. cus­ toms formalities, coal trader, transhipment stevedoring, bunker services. mining requirements, and other shipping market. Especially for Shipping Agency Services,we have commitment to provide Most Economic of Port Disbursement enabling owners and operators to calculate voyage costing for fixtures. Providing provisions of Port Information and if possible to assist in assessing trade to Various Ports.

PT.SAS Gramarindo Utama provides prior information to its clients of projected berthing line-ups and delays, pre loading / discharging requirements and any information required to expedite the call of a vessel at its designated Port. we ensure timely delivery and dispatch of mails & Documents.


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